Innovation Solutions

Future developments are focused on AI and BCI inventions and covers a great area of digital innovation. New solution reach the IT markets nearly at a daily based into all industries and householders. 

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Pixel Perfect

Our pixel-perfect Graphic Designers who takes great pride in creating visually stunning designs. They have the talent and ability to be able to quickly understand complex client requirements and then come up with simple and logical solutions. 

Web Design

On a personal level our designers are eager to take on new challenges in order to progress career even further.

Apps Development

Websites, mobile apps, complex client-server solution for wide range of customers.


Our designers have the creative flair, originality and strong visual sense needed to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding of clients. 

Interface Apps


Neuromatic Auto is capable to Monitor Driving Effectiveness in real time.
Neuromatic Auto is a solution to improve  existing Driver Assists Solutions because of  Brain Activity Tracking, with EEG Sensors, for the most effective drowsiness Detection (brain based warning before it is to late) and tDCS stimulation can maintain attention.


Augmented Intelligence And Neurointerfaces are used for:
-Teacher and AI collaboration 
-Differentiated and individualized learning
-Universal access for all students 
-Education Effectiveness Monitoring 
-Automate admin tasks 
-Tutoring and support outside the classroom 


Relax is a concept which directly affects a human brain. Electroencephalogram signals are used here for measurement of the response, generated by millions of nerve cells known as neurons.


BCI is used for patients with severe motor disorders such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) by providing non-muscular bidirectional communication and control and control various EEG signals for therapeutic purposes, such as seizure control in epilepsy patients.


Creative design service from illustration to animation and promo video production in Adobe Creative Suite

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Branding and Promo Video